What Collectors Say

Heritage ornament collectors range from a U.S. soldier, then on the battlefields of Iraq, to a former Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Many of them take time to sit down and write notes to us expressing their appreciation. Here are just a few of the comments --- totally unsolicited:

  • From Washington, DC"...a wonderful idea and a beautiful setting. The perfect Christmas gift for the serious and not-so-serious collector."
  • From Austin, Texas"I received my Heritage ornaments today and they are gorgeous!"
  • From Westminster, California"Today I received a letter from the Post Office™ Department telling me the stamp ornaments are available from the manufacturer with your address. I have been buying three sets each for the last three years and would like to have three sets. Also, I would like to be on your mailing list."
  • From New Richland, Minnesota"I am really satisfied with the quality and the price."
  • From a Fort Valley, Virginia, collector who enclosed a photo of her tree decorated solely with Heritage stamp ornaments for her annual Open House:  "It was just beautiful. The small clear lights brought out the color and shape of the ornaments... The tree was in a room with nothing but antiques... Wish you could have heard some of the comments."
  • From Somerville, New Jersey"What a nice surprise to hear you are still in business. I remember chasing you down when the Christmas Stamp Ornament was first announced in the Washington Post ... and have been fortunate to get one each year since. Best of luck!"
  • And from a Champaign, Illinois, housewife, after ordering two pairs every year for ten years:  "We love the ornaments. Keep them coming."

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