The Heritage Story

The Heritage story started over a quarter of a century ago — right after we were awarded the official U. S. patent for the first Christmas Stamp Ornament. We then took the prototype to America's oldest silversmiths — The Kirk-Stieff Company — and had their top designer finish the intricate details. His work was magnificent! And the ornaments were an immediate hit:

  • For four years, Heritage produced them exclusively for the U. S. Postal Service, and Post Offices sold more than 65,000 annually.
  • An Arizona collector spent "nearly eight hours" searching for a pair before tracking them down at a Post Office in California.
  • And the Associated Press reported how one man traveled from Post Office to Post Office in three states buying all he could get his hands on. He bought over $12,000 worth!

But, as you'll see, that is really just the beginning of the story.

Newspapers all across America started publishing articles about them. NBC-TV's TODAY show featured them for four years! And they are featured in the classic coffee table book, Silver Christmas Ornaments with such prestigious silversmiths as Cartier, Gorham, Harrod's of London, Reed & Barton, Tiffany’s, Wallace, and Wedgwood. (Over two pages of text and photos are devoted to our Heritage ornaments!)

But even with the extraordinary record the ornaments have established, what I find every bit as amazing is how folks take time to sit down and write to us. Here are just a few of their totally unsolicited comments:

  • From DeLand, Florida: "...They are so beautiful!"
  • From Corpus Christi, Texas, in a letter requesting an additional pair: "I am so thankful to have found your company..."
  • From Bothell, Washington: "I was happy to read in Linn's that you have the ornaments available. Having all the others, I do not want a gap in the collection!"
  • From Ontario, Canada: "The ornaments look stunning!"
  • And from Bruceton Mills, West Va: "I received the three pair of beautiful Christmas stamp ornaments... They're delightful!"

By now, you may be thinking, in view of the passion shown by collectors and because of the dramatic reports you're reading here, that Heritage is issuing huge quantities every year. But just the opposite is true. In fact, we now issue the ornaments only in strictly limited editions.

This year's 2012 ornaments will be much, much harder to find than those earlier editions you've been reading about. Our purpose is to create the most appealing, finest quality ornaments possible: ornaments which will add a special sparkle to your holidays.

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